Gardeners Gift Ideas: The Stuff I Actually Use

Gardening tools

By -Georgia Lund- 

Gardeners are like any other group of enthusiasts; we have certain tools they use regularly, some are used on occasion and many tools sitting in the shed collecting dust. Gardeners are by nature practical people and want useful stuff for the task at hand. We want to grow our own food and flowers and need practical tools to get the job done efficiently with minimal effort. The stuff I use in the garden is basic and reliable, but it gets the job done.

Knee Pads

Knees pads, or a kneeling pad or bench, is a great gift for gardeners. Kneeling is frequently done in the garden, and a lightweight cushion helps prevent joint pain. A lightweight bench also provides a seat when it’s break time.

Garden Hat

Outdoor garden chores always take place in the direct sunlight and an over-sized hat is needed to prevent sun exposure. A straw hat is lightweight, sun-blocking and can be accessorized to suit either a male or female gardener.


Gardeners always need gloves, but they can’t be too stiff or too soft, they have to be just right. Good garden gloves flex and bend easily, yet are thick enough to keep out splinters, thorns, and stingers from garden pests.

5 Gallon Bucket

An inexpensive, hard plastic, 5-gallon bucket is an indispensable garden tool that I use daily during the growing season. It’s perfect for carrying stuff to the backyard, like hand-held tools, and carrying ripe produce back inside from the garden. Water, compost, mulch and various other things can easily be transported in a 5-gallon bucket, and the size makes it manageable for most gardeners. The bucket can be turned upside down and used for a seat. The buckets are perfect for storing out-of-season garden tools during the winter too.


A soft-sided, folding wagon is a great garden gift and makes hauling heavy objects much easier and quicker. Great for hauling garden debris, felled tree limbs, decorative stones and a host of other outdoor items. The folding aspect makes the wagon easy to store during the winter.

Mini-Green House

Gardeners love to get a head start on the growing season by starting plant seeds indoors during the winter. A mini greenhouse takes up very little space, yet will enable a gardener to indulge in his/her passion for growing food and flowers while snow is still on the ground. A collapsible mini-greenhouse is easy to store during the off-season.

Gift Card

A gift card to the local garden supply center will make any gardener happy. With a gift card in hand, I can buy the stuff I use, along with some new stuff I probably won’t use, but want to try out anyway.

Image by: Alexander Raths

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