Gardening Gloves Can Either Be a Help or a Hindrance

Gardening Gloves

-By Gabe McNab-

When working in the garden, gardening gloves can either be a help or a hindrance. Gloves that are too thick can cause hand fatigue and make it difficult to complete tasks that require full dexterity. While providing protection, thick gloves can be difficult to work in and cause your hands to sweat. There are many options for garden gloves on the market, made from many materials and fabrics. If you are looking for a gardening glove that provides dexterity with protection, along with a breathable fabric, nylon gloves with a smooth nitrile coating on the palm and finger tips are the best option.

Nylon, a thin and flexible fabric, is both strong and durable. A nylon glove allows your hands to breathe and flex without the bulkiness that leather or cotton gloves have. With a light weight shell fabric, you are more easily able to flex your hands without the bunching of fabrics under your knuckles, giving you a stronger and tighter grip on whatever it is you are working on. Thinner fabrics also reduce the resistance that you are exposed to and help lessen the level of fatigue felt on your joints, meaning you do not have to work as hard against the gloves to still have a safe grip.

Nitrile is a rubber copolymer that is lightweight and extremely flexible. It’s a great material for garden gloves because it provides a solid grip in both dry and wet conditions. Having a strong coating that is flexible and thin allows you to perform more delicate jobs in the garden that would be cumbersome with a thick and inflexible glove. The coating, which is rubber based, will not blister or break down like other garden gloves and is strong enough to protect your hands from small thorns and other hazards in the backyard.

While the nitrile coated nylon gloves are a great gardening glove, especially for protection from blisters and dirt, you may find that they are not as suited to protect against sharp plants and bushes such as roses and brambles. If that is what you are primarily working with, a thicker nitrile glove is best suited to allow for more protection. Aside from this one small limitation, nylon gloves with nitrile coated palms and fingertips can offer much more than most other garden gloves. Easily washable, thin and flexible with a solid grip, nylon nitrile gloves make garden work much easier and help allow you to complete a whole range of garden jobs with little resistance and full dexterity.

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