It's Pumpkin Time

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By -Georgia Lund-

Everyone is familiar with round, orange pumpkins used to make Jack-O-Lanterns and pumpkin pies in the fall, but not all pumpkins look like that. Some types are white, some have bumps, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the more distinct types of pumpkins and their characteristics so you’ll be able to choose the right type for your fall usage needs.

Pumpkin Terms

  • Carvability: Refers to how easy the skin is to carve with a knife or other sharp tool. The tougher the skin, the less carvability the pumpkin type has. 
  • Flesh: Inside, used for cooking.
  • Keeps well: Refers to how long a pumpkin will last (un-carved) after being harvested.
  • Ribbing: Vertical indentations on the outside.
  • Skin: Outside, colored part of the pumpkin.
  • Shape: More than round, pumpkins can be flat, squat, tall, long or uneven.
  • Texture: Refers to the look and feel of the pumpkin's skin.

Classic Orange
One of the most familiar types of pumpkin. These are smooth-skinned pumpkins that are easy to carve and great for pie making.

Blue Pumpkins
The blue skin and deep yellow flesh of these types make them great for using in fall displays, Jack-O-lantern carving, and pie making. Most blue varieties have a mild, sweet flavor and keep well.

White Pumpkins
With names like Baby Boo, Casper and Ghost, the white pumpkin types are prevalent for Halloween decor. White pumpkins come in all sizes; however, not all types are edible.

Pink Pumpkins
Developed for breast cancer awareness, a percentage of the sales for pink pumpkins seeds goes to breast cancer research. This type has pink skin, orange flesh, square shape and deep ribbing. Great for pie making.

Cheese Pumpkins
Named for their resemblance to a wheel of cheese. Pale yellow skin and deep orange flesh that is sweet-flavored and great for baked goods. Their squat shape and deep ribbing make them perfect for use in fall decor.

Green Pumpkins
Deep green skin with a pale orange blush and thick orange flesh. Flat with deep ribbing, great for decor and pie making. The green striped cushaw pumpkins are prevalent in the marketplace during the fall.

Bumpy Pumpkins
Also called warty or pimply, these small pumpkins have a rough skin texture and a flavor much like a sweet potato. Carvability is not good, but this pumpkin type does keep well.

Shaped like a turban, these pumpkins have deep green and white stripes running across the orange skin. The flesh is yellow and stringy, making this type an excellent choice for as-is decor, soups or roasting.

Image by: Fedor Selivanov

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