Living Easy In the Garden

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By Laura Linne -

Living easy is a hard thing to do at times. In this fast-paced digital society that we live in, success is measured with how many things can be accomplished in a day. We work into the night and try to cut down on sleep to get even more tasks completed. The name of the game is trying to shove two days into one and to multi-task our lives away. But that is no way to live. Our overall health demands that we take life at a slower pace. Enjoy the day and live for the precious little moments that make this mad world worth-while. Finding the small moments to relish in a day may seem an impossible task in a day full of work, meetings, kids and personal relationships and responsibilities, but it can be done. Living easy is- well, it’s easy, and a wonderful way to do that is through gardening. Life’s precious blessings are in the small moments when the sun is shining and new life is sprouting. It is getting back to the basics of life the way nature intended.

Begin your day outside. There is nothing like freshly brewed coffee in the morning. For many of us, coffee is what wakes us up. It kicks starts us for the day and gets our thought processes going in the right direction. Don’t drink it on the run. Take a few moments to savor that first sip of the day. Living easy is enjoying that cup of coffee in the morning before the rush of the day begins. Take your coffee to your patio and enjoy the sun coming up and the birds full of morning song. The world is fresh in the morning, and it is the perfect time to kick back and live easy for just a little while.

Gardeners know how to live life to its fullest by enjoying the ease and hard work of nurturing the ground. Gardening is more than a hobby. For most of us, it is a way of life. We all know the health benefits of gardening. Growing our produce is so much healthier than anything you can buy in the stores. Gardening also encourages a peaceful existence. It takes away stress and helps us get to what matters most in life- those small and significantly therapeutic moments that give us a sense of accomplishments in a suppressive world. Gardening helps us to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of life. It is living easy as we take our lifestyle back to traditional methods of growing our own and caring for something bigger than ourselves. Gardening allows us to feel like we are accomplishing and contributing to our family’s health and well-being. It is an important part of life as we need plants around us to improve air quality and our overall mood. It helps us to slow down to a relaxed pace in a world that lives life on a high-speed freeway and chemical consumption.

Gardening takes us back to natural health and provides exercise equal to full-scale cardio workouts. Whether you desire is to grow a garden of flowers or edibles plants, the work rewarding and the outcome divine as you view the success of your handiwork in the colorful and fruitful plants that grow under your caring attention.

Living easy is what life is all about. Take time to smell the flowers that you grow outside your door. Take time to enjoy your trees and gather the fruitful bounties that they bring. Take time to enjoy the butterflies or watch a bee as it goes about its work. Do not be so busy with life that you miss those things that make life worth living. A beautiful way to witness the miracle of nature is in the safety and convenience of your own yard. There is nothing better than working outdoors under the canopy of lush fall foliage. It is invigorating, and it feeds the soul. Breathe deeply of the crisp air that fills the lungs with hope and possibility. Enjoy the work with friends and family or just soak up the solitude in the warmth of the sun. However, your garden is up to you, and the benefits you reap will be as richly rewarding as the bounty of delicious produce and gorgeous florals that you bring to your table.

Living easy is not only a beautiful part of life, but it is a necessity to keep our body, mind, and soul rejuvenated and restored. Find life’s small moments in each day. It is in the small moments where we find the treasures that make life meaningful. Do not put it off for the convenience of another day. Live easy today. Enjoy life now and open your eyes to the small blessings around you.

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